Entry Level Referee Training / Certification


(and for those who may have missed the re-certification deadline or did not pass the test last year) 

You must be age 13 by June 31, 2016 to qualify.  

Registration for entry level (Grade 8) Certification will open this Fri, 1/15/16 on the CT State Referee Site (CSRP):  www.ctreferee.net   

Instructions can be found on the homepage under "new referees" .  


The training process fee is $93.95 and includes (3) parts: 

1) an online course  

2) an in-class session 

3) a field session

You must pass the course with a 100% grade (taking test as many times as needed) before attending any in-class or field session.  These sessions can be taken separately on different days or combined on one day.  A list of available sessions in surrounding towns will be posted on the CSRP site:  www.ctreferee.net

CJSA Rule Reminders
Below are important reminders regarding rules on a no pass / no roster situation, SCD By-Laws regarding the length of the game and size of the ball, and CJSA's rule on Lightning and Thunderstorms.

No Pass / No Roster Rule

There has been some confusion already this season with the no roster or no
pass rule. Here is a reminder about from the district travel packet
regarding this:

ROSTERS:  Each team is required to provide a certified roster to the referee
and to the opposing coach prior to the start of all matches (district league
matches and friendly matches). If a certified roster is missing, the coach
is required to provide a hand-written roster to the referee that must
contain the full name, address, telephone number, player ID number and date
of birth for each player and the same information for each coach (excluding
the date of birth). If a certified roster is not provided, a game report
with the hand-written roster will be submitted by the referee in compliance
with CJSA/SCD rules.

PASSES:  All players and coaches, participating on travel teams in U-11 and up
are required to show a current pass prior to the start of all matches
(district league matches and friendly matches). In the event a player does
not have a pass and is on the certified roster, he/she may sign the roster.
If a player has a pass but is not on the certified roster, he/she may not
participate in the match.

If a team has no rosters and no passes, a hand-written roster must be
provided. In any situation where players or coaches participate without
passes, the referee will submit a game report in compliance with CJSA/SCD

The supplemental game report will be submitted to CJSA and Joseph Conte, SCD
VP. That information is located on the official's area page of the SCD
website -

This link is to the entire district travel packet for the Spring 2011 season
http://scd.grupo.la/Page.asp?n=43621&org=scd. It would
be great if all clubs can have this link posted on their website and each
coach carry a copy of it to each game.

Ball Size - Rule: 2.38
District League matches in the U-12 age group and below shall utilize a
“size 4” ball. District League matches in the U-13 age group and above
shall utilize a “size 5” ball.

Length of League Matches - Rule: 2.39
The length of District League matches shall be as follows:

U-10 2 x 30 minute halves

U-11 2 x 35 minute halves
U-12 2 x 35 minute halves
U-13 2 x 40 minute halves
U-14 2 x 40 minute halves
U-16* 2 x 45 minute halves
U-19* 2 x 45 minute halves

Recognizing the threat. Apply the 30-30 rule: When you see
lightning, count the time until you hear thunder. If this time is 30 seconds
or less, seek proper shelter. If you can’t see the lightning, just hearing
the thunder is a good back-up rule. Wait 30 minutes or more after hearing
the last thunder before leaving shelter. Referees must protect the safety of
all participants by stopping game activities quickly, so that participants
and spectators may retire to a safer place before the lightning threat
becomes significant. Remember, if you can hear the thunder, you are within
reach of lightning.