Amity Travel Soccer Club - Player, Parent & Coach Code of Conduct Policy

The Amity Travel Soccer League Executive Board has approved the following code of conduct. It has been established to provide for sportsmanship and mutually respectful behavior at all Amity Travel Soccer games and practices. These rules and codes apply to all players, coaches, parents and spectators and will be strictly enforced.

Consequences of violations of the code of conduct by players, coaches, managers, parents and spectators can range from a first-time warning, removal or ejection from the game, sitting out the next game/practice, suspension, dismissal from the team, expulsion, of a parent or spectator from the field and/or total exclusion from the program.

1. Swearing, angry or unruly outbursts and/or throwing equipment by players, coaches or parents will not be tolerated.

2. Consumption of any tobacco or alcohol products by coaches, players or parents on the field or bench area during practices or games will not be allowed.

3. All players, coaches, parents and spectators are encouraged to support their team members. All cheering is to be in good sportsmanship. Taunting cheers will not be tolerated. Demeaning or derogatory comments will not be tolerated. In exercising their authority and/or discipline, coaches may not verbally or physically abuse a player.

4. No player, coach or parent may attempt to intentionally influence a refs call through verbal or physical intimidation.

5. Any player, coach or parent who engages in fighting or the threat of fighting will be ejected from the game and suspended from Amity Travel Soccer pending review by the Executive Board.

6. Any team coach or player who is ejected from a game by a ref or coach will be reported to the Amity Travel Soccer Executive Board for disciplinary action.

7. All players are expected to wear a complete uniform to all games. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times.

8. Team coaches/managers should attempt to control parent and spectator behavior at games and practices as much as possible. Interference in a game or practice by parents or spectators will not be tolerated. Team managers and coaches must have a team meeting in the beginning of the season to review the code of conduct and as needed to address issues as they arise.

9. Amity Travel Soccer managers are volunteers and as such are invaluable to the Amity Travel Soccer organization and should always be treated with respect. Parents who want to discuss an issue regarding their child or team with their coach and/or manager must do so after and away from practices and/or games.